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Elna 664 Pro Overlocker

Elnar 664 Pro OverlockerHem that skirt or sew stretch fabrics ... does that seem difficult for you? ..


Elna 860EX Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Elnar 860EX Sewing & Embroidery MachineA wide range of categorised embroidery patterns and the p..


Elna Easycover Overlocker

Elnar Easycover OverlockerSTRETCH YOUR STYLE! Fast-changing fashions, elastic, fluid fabrics.....


Elna Excellence 720EX Sewing Machine

Elnar Excellence720 Sewing MachineBefore your very eyes, you’ll bring to life the embroidery and qui..


Elna Excellence 730EX Sewing Machine

Elnar Excellence730 Sewing MachineThe sheer length of the arm space is impressive at 11" ( 280mm ) ...


Elna Excellence 760EX Sewing Machine

Elna Excellence 760 Sewing MachineThe Elna eXcellence 760EX combines practicality with an exciting r..


Elna Experience 520 Sewing Machine

Elna Experience 520 Sewing MachineDenim has resisted every fashion cycle for generations; today, fas..


Elna Experience 540 Sewing Machine

Elna Experience 540 Sewing MachineDenim has resisted every fashion cycle for generations; today, fas..


Elna Experience 680 Sewing Machine

Elna Experience 680 Sewing MachineYou will enjoy at every sewing time, impressive stability and comf..


Elna Explore 240 Sewing Machine

Elna Explore 240 Sewing MachineThis easy to operate, affordable, high quality sewing machine is perf..


Elna Explore 340 Sewing Machine New

Elna Explore 340 Sewing Machine

Elna Explore 340 Sewing MachineSail through the most complex sewing challenges! With the eXplore 340..


Elna Expressive 830 Embroidery Machine

Elna Expressive 830 Embroidery MachineThe possibilities are endless and designers can reflect their ..


Elna Expressive 920 Sewing Machine

Elna Expressive 920 Sewing MachineCreate embroidery like never before by utilizing this machine's 35..


Elna Lotus Sewing Machine New -17%

Elna Lotus Sewing Machine

Elna Lotus Sewing MachineFEATURESComputerized modelHorizontal rotary hook with transparent bobbin co..

£599.00 £499.00

Elna Star Sewing Machine

Elna Star Sewing MachineThis new sewing machine is convenient for almost any occasion and packs the ..